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Image by YUCAR FotoGrafik

Healthcare Ocean

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean."

Arthur C. Clarke

Our Vision

We aim to conserve and protect coastal and marine ecosystems through minimising harm resulting from the procurement and delivery of healthcare whilst increasing awareness of the benefits to human health and wellbeing from healthy seas, coasts, and waterways.

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To ensure oceanic health is included in healthcare strategies and conversations, to raise awareness of the unintentional harm caused through the procurement and delivery of care and that access to clean healthy coastal regions and waterways is not equal.


To advance the education of Healthcare Professionals and public on the interdependence between human, planetary and oceanic health and compile an evidence base for the impact of blue space on human health, and healthcare on blue space.


To encourage healthcare engagement with research institutions, environmental and commercial organisations and communities to further understanding around oceanic and human health with an emphasis on positive action.

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